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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hillsong United 2011

Hi guys!

Robin here, part of the Steet Team from Becca Music for the upcoming Hillsong United concert this June 2 2011 at the ARANETA COLISEUM. Below are the ticket prices and the process for ticket reservations. 

Tickets are not yet available but I'm accepting ticket reservations as of now. I'll inform you guys if its already out :)

Here are the details:
                VIP:             P1,800 (reserved seating)
                PATRON           P1,500 (reserved seating)
                LOWER BOX:       P1,500 (reserved seating)
                UPPER BOX A:     P800 (free seating)
                UPPER BOX B:     P500 (free seating)
                GEN AD           P300 (free seating)

Ticket reservation:

Name: Joel Houston
Contact Number: 09191234567
Preferred Seats (Quantity): VIP (5)
Preferred meetup: [ 3 meet up points, choose one: Makati (Ayala Ave), DLSU Taft, SM City Sta Rosa.]

  • NO group discount will be given for the Hillsong United concert.
  • You will RECEIVA a confirmation message for ticket reservations.
  • Make sure your orders are FINAL. 
  • Reservation will be void after 2 DAYS.
  • I  will contact you soon as the tickets are available for payment and pick up.

Contact me:

Friday, April 15, 2011

Doing Life Together.

God is doing great things in different churches worldwide. The message of discipleship is universal nowadays. Seminars, conferences and programs all around the corner. But at the end of the day, I'm hoping that it will not be all about the numbers (I'm not denying its significance.) and church growth but Honoring God and Making Disciples.

I've been blessed to have some mentors during my student days. Credits to Kuya Nathan and Kuya Mark. Both of them have been so good to me. They were there when I needed prayers. They were there when I needed someone to talk to. I thank them for all the wisdom and advice they gave to me. Those words really helps in building my faith and staying strong. Yes, they have faults. They are not perfect. Still it is great to know that some people took time to invest their lives to me.  

That's discipleship. Discipleship is relationship. 

Discipleship can be found in small groups, where in our case, we call it LIFE GROUPS. These groups are essential in a way that it helps everyone involved to grow and learn in their Christian journey. Attending church services is great but you cannot experience growth without the fellowship with other believers. You may have questions that can't  be answered during big gatherings so it's very important to have someone to help you in one way or another.

So what do we do in LIFE GROUPS? Simple. Study God's Word. Learn. Pray for one another. Share stories. Eat together! It's just doing life together. :)

Go Small. Grow BIG.

Unang Sweldo

Finally, got time to sit down and blog again. Been a while.

I read my previous posts about my job hunting and it amazes how God has been really faithful in my life. I'm now working as a Junior Operations Officer at Information Gateway in Makati and part of the SMART Communications Team. My prayer 3 months ago, was to work in SMART. In one way or another, IG was outsourced by SMART for their Value-Added-Services (coincidence? nah!?!). 2 days ago, I got my first paycheck and it was fulfilling. Grateful. The stress and work loads finally paid off. Now, the challenge for me is to be a good steward of my finances. Haha. I'm working on it. Planning to buy great stuff. Will save money for that. Excited.

The past three weeks have been really busy for me adjusting with the work schedules and environment. Excellence and submission are primarily the character needed for everyone to achieve success in any professional career. I made some mistakes. Learned things the hard way. Still, it will help me grow as an employee and as a person.  Newbie here (valid excuse :P)

Got some new friends and they are great people. Masipag. Hope to know them more.

That's all for now.