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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Tadaima! (I'm back!)

Been busy these past few weeks and finally got time to write again. A lot happened recently - busy at work, attended concerts and events, saw awesome movies and learned some life lessons along the way. 

Work - Still adjusting to my new daily routine. Arriving at work by 10am and leaving by 8pm. Got some new friends, thankful to the epic conversations 'bout school pride and rivalries. Haha Grateful that by next month I'll be handling tasks of a Project Manager. Favor.

Hillsong United - Had an amazing night worshiping with this great guys from Australia. Thank you for coming! And as the music style progress , same message will always be the heart of every song. Aftermath.

IFP Boot Camp - Fire!

Azkals - Sold out tickets in 2 hours! Got mine :)

Kung Fu Panda 2 - Inner Peace. Will make a separate blog for this movie. Has a lot of substance in the storyline. Must watch!

We're All In This Together. - This documentary literally changed my view in life and humanity. It blew me away. Grace at its best!

Sometimes we can be caught up doing almost anything and doing life, instead we find ourselves exhausted and empty. Make Jesus first in everything and you'll see the difference it'll make in your daily life. 

Still growing in faith and enjoying this relationship I don't deserve. Real love.



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