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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Rewind - 11/28/10

-woke up feeling great! It was a good morning, the morning after our successful Thesis Defense :D

- Rahab was the character featured in our current series - Empowered by God. God can use anybody, just make yourself available and you'll never know what God can do with your life. One person can really make a difference.

- had a short phone talk with Cha, she's really passionate on leading a School Outreach Ministry. If you're in Letran Calamba you should join them! Way to go!

- lunch at home. PORKCHOP!

- watched Harry Potter 7 with my bro. Dobby died. Saw the weird dance of Harry. The story of Deathly Hallows is really creepy. Wonderin' how did Dumbledore got the most powerful wand in the world?

- LIFEJAM and SYJM at 6PM. Almost 100+ young people came for the 1st SYJM gathering. A lot of shouting, jumping, praising and eating happened last night and it was awesome! Yeah!

- short meeting with the KKB Core Team. 3rd monthsary! 

- will visit Balibago National High School this week to invite them at LIFEJAM.

- concert with Peniel band tomorrow night! Go Ps. Norman!

Believe and watch Him work in us. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Rewind - 11/21/10

- woke up at 7:30 in the morning

- went to church early for the intercession before the 2nd service

- announced our fund raising project for the upcoming Youth Summit 2010, thanks to all who supported and gave right away

- family lunch at Barrio Fiesta

- saw familiar faces at SM!

- my brother watched Inception for the first time, my parents went to Tagaytay, I drove to prepare for our LIFEJAM service

-2 Bible characters were discussed, Philip and Timothy - amazing guys!

- had a great time talking to Raven, Kuya Chod and Kuya Jun. Let's go to La Union!

- good discussion with the KKB Core Team about certain issues

- thanks Kuya Chris for the free check up!

SYJM and LIFEJAM next week! 6PM! See you all there :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wang Videography

These guys are great! Just saw amazing on-site wedding videos on youtube. I will definitely hire these people to cover my future wedding. Need to save now. A bit expensive but it's worth it. Perfect for once in a lifetime moments. AWESOME!

Here's Carlo and Mich's video.

Carlo and Michelle SDE from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Rewind - 11/7/10

Inspired from Dennis Sy

- woke up feeling great. Had a good sleep

- Empowered by God. New series for November. Perfect for what I'm experiencing right now. God really spoke to me that time.

- LIFEJAM was awesome. Talents were shown. The people had a great afternoon. God was glorified.

- Christian did a great job playing the flute. Mark and Joy sang a tagalog worship song, Christian Faraon was part of the band. Paule sisters did a number for Nothing is Impossible. Anthony and company performed a combined modern and interpretative dance.

- Ate Fil Manuel preached about the life of David. Undignified worship.

- The worship team did a great job! I love those mash-up praise songs. Because of You-I am Free-Sing Sing Sing. Crazy dancing! Way to go Kuya Chris!

- Pastor Norman visited and informed us that their concert's venue was moved to SM Event Center. Whoa!

- Had a great time with the KKB core team. next week we will study the life of Paul

Empowered and refreshed. I love Sunday.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Soundcheck. Feeling composer 101

Naisip ko lang to kanina. Sinulat ko na baka makalimutan ko pa. Mukhang makakabuo ako ng kanta. yeah!

So, where are we going?
Why keep on tryin'?
Just keep believing
And we'll get there
Even if we stumble and fall
So please hear our call
We know that someday we'll get there

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Original Pinoy Christian Music

I wasn't able to blog about this last month and I'm posting this now. I was privileged to be a part of Krystal Box Live at the Music Museum. Ms.Maan asked me to be part of the production team wherein we will be in charge of multimedia presentations during the event and I said yes. The venue was so right to introduce local artists that makes original songs. I've been longing for this kind of event because I know Filipinos are talented when it comes to music and why not make music for our Lord. I've been a fan of CCM and I know just like what Paolo Valenciano said, "We can make this work." Here's some highlight of the event. (I don't own these photos.)

Ogie Cayabyab singing his single Hellsong.
This is Andy Calope from Cebu.
If you want some party rock music, here's TINY CACTUS.

Kung inspired ka ng Eheads, sila pastor ang kasama mo dyan.
Below: Soothing music of Yes, Yes , Yesu
Powerful vocals of Indios

We got some treat for Paolo of Salamin! He was surprised. Haha
If you want some growl and hardcore rock music, FUZION band is for you.

It ended with praise and worship songs from Overflow Band.

That was it! Amazing. Bilib ako sa galing ng Pinoy. Thank you Krystal Box!

Event highlights!

The Way of the Master - But If You Say So

This is great. I got a title for my blog this whole November. I will just share some of my insights as I read and meditate on the way Jesus do stuff during His time and how relevant it is today.

Yesterday, I was able to read Luke 5 from verse 1 to 11. The heading was, The First Disciples. It got me instantly because nowadays churches have been struggling to be discipled and get disciples. This made me wonder how Jesus did this without attending conferences and apply some 10 things "to-do". So here's the plot, Jesus was speaking in public on the shore. He went on a beach to preach! After His preaching, He told to Simon to go out and let down your net to catch some fish . Simon replied that they've been fishing the whole day and didn't catch a thing. Read Simon's next words, BUT IF YOU SAY SO, I'll let down the nets again. To cut the story short, their boats were not enough and the net almost broke to get all the fish. That's obedience!

Simon knew the fact that there's nothing to catch but Jesus instructed him to do it again. He just obeyed. Often times, we are blinded by reality. But we are not called to live like that, we are called to LIVE by FAITH and not by sight. Yes, it is true that we must consider facts but that can't be fully applied when it comes to spirituality and obedience. God loves crazy stuff. He wants to do things that will blow your mind and leave you speechless. And that time, Simon was speechless and felt unworthy that Jesus spends time with them. I can relate to Peter. Who are we that He, Jesus wants to spend time with filthy sinners like us? His grace is evident in this story.

So here's the catch, when you obey good things happen. It's like obeying our parents and teachers. When they say something that you must do, you must DO IT. No holding back, even if you don't feel like doing it. The same way when God wants us to do something. My prayer is that we can tell God what's really happening in our lives and be willing to obey. This is me, this is what's happening BUT IF YOU SAY SO, I will obey you.

I don't know what God is saying to you. These are some areas where we can apply obedience.
- obeying our parents
- doing school works
- attending church services and gathering
- forgive those who hurt you
- helping the poor
- be active in ministry
- share the Good News

Remember: Obedience is better than Sacrifice. Just do it.

Watch out for more! Faith-Hope-Love.

Coffee Bean

I would like to thank Steve Murell and David Bonifacio for introducing me to my so-called workstation to get done with our thesis, Coffee Bean. Our thesis group always find it difficult to search for a place where we can be productive to finish our tasks. We tried Seattle's Best, Starbucks and Gloria Jeans but none of them was successful in giving us a good workplace. It was during the Barangay Elections last October 25 we got the chance to spend and try this place. 

Coffee Bean. I love their Ice-Blended fraps. Got my Swirl Card and this gave us free and unlimited wi-fi that we can use for the whole day. I forgot to say that we're working here in Ayala and this place gave us 'momentum' as Ryvin call it, to be productive. 

Few days remaining till our submission and excited to have our demo again on Saturday with our adviser. Now back to work!

Can't wait to apply for graduation.

The Social Network

During my break yesterday, I was able to watch "The Social Network". The story and the man behind Facebook. It surprised me that today as I type my blog, Facebook have more than 500 million active users. That took social networking into a whole new level. 

Here's my thought about the movie. The plot started when Mark was dumped by her girlfriend and that made a way for him to do crazy stuff, in his mind he thought to compare a two Harvard student and see who's hotter and came. The story was presented telling the past and the future. Past, meaning how the idea was created. Future, when the founders filed intellectual property cases to each other. This make me realize how important a team is. Mark didn't do Facebook alone, he needs a team. He may took the credit for having the ability to made the idea into a reality but he can't maintain and manage it on his own. I remembered how our professors told us to have Bibliography and good reference with APA format on our reports and documentations! Haha

Let me get to the point. This may summarize what the movie is all about.  Ideas by themselves are worthless. It's what you do with them that matters. -Francis Kong

I want to buy a hoodie. Harvard, Stanford or Yale will do. Inform me if you know where to buy.