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Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 of my 2010

  1. KKB-CYN Youth Summit 2010
  2. Last term in DLSU - Thesis
  3. Internship/OJT in SMART Communications
  4. Azkals
  5. Bangon Pilipinas Campaign
  7. Passion Live in Manila
  8. Citipointe Live in Manila
  9. Go Negosyo Youth Summit / Krystal Box 
  10. Super Junior - Super Show 2 / Fairy Tail  / Twitter
To be continued....with details :)

    The Youth Summit 2010 Experience - Part 2

    Part 1: Click here

    Part 2 of my UNSTOPPABLE experience as they call it. Everyone were tired and went to bed already before 12. Tired yet excited for what God will do on the second day. 

    Hazel told me before I went to sleep that 2 of our jeeps we rented refused to  give their service on the second day. We immediately propose our van and Kuya Bong's to be the substitute. God really works behind the scenes. Special mention to Kuya Anthony who drove Kuya Bong's van. Unstoppable.

    Day 2 (December 29)

    Our meet-up was moved to 5AM since we know we'll have good seats on the Lower Box section. Unfortunately, the Urvan needed to go early because of the number coding. Now, the boys and Arian were left on our van. 

    - Got to Ninoy around 7AM. Sarap ng byahe. Swabe. No traffic. The girls lined up for us. Thank you!

    - An opening number was performed by KKB Cavite. Galing ni insan. Super like.

    - First speaker on the second day was Pastor Alex Garcia of JIL Pampanga. Natamaan lahat nung sinabi na about sa lovelife. "Huwag nyong limitahan ang sarili nyo. Wait for God's timing. For now, enjoy the friendship you have."

    - By the way, there were 31 delegates from CYN - the international counterpart of KKB Movement outside the Philippines. Benjie, from Italy led worship. Amazing team indeed. Isang araw lang sila nagpractice. Knowing that they came from different countries. Kaya nyo yon?

    - KKB Pampanga and KKB Cebu also led the congregation to worship with new songs. Refreshing.

    - One of the 15 students of Bro. Eddie spoke on the 2nd session. Pastora Amor was the first SCOM head during the early days of JIL. She shared her story on how they do evangelism during their time. They were UNSTOPABBLE!

    - To finish the 2nd day of the Leaders' session, Bro Eddie concluded that we need the Holy Spirit's power to be UNSTOPPABLE. No matter what happens, press on toward the goal and set your eyes on the things above and eternal.

    - Finally, our delegates got together again around 4PM at the baseball stadium. This time we were sitting on the field. Parang picnic lang. 

    - Sec. Joel preached again and introduced his baby to the 12,000 young people. All I can say is WOW! Seeing that baby made me believe that God indeed is sovereign despite the situations we have in life and He can always turn the things around for our benefit and for His glory.

    - Edith Mendoza talked about worship. We need to worship God everyday not only during summits to be UNSTOPABBLE. Another altar call and Bro. Eddie said this simple words that made us cry - Mahal na mahal kayo ng Diyos. Powerful. Sarap pakinggan. Nothing can separate us from His love and grace. Thank You!

    - Brenan Espartinez sang a Christian Remix Version of OMG by Usher. Napa-partyparty lahat. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

    - The rest is history. Praise and worship to the max! Everybody went crazy! As in CRAZZYYYYY!!!!!!! Wohooo!

    - Picture picture before leaving the venue. 

    Next year ulit. Now time to put all those learnings into action. Grace at its best!

    Bagong Taon - 2011

    Ang bilis ng panahon, ilang oras na lang 2011 na. Naging makabuluhan at masaya ang aking 2010. Marami akong natutunan. Maraming nakilalang bagong kaibigan. Maraming taong nakasama na nagpasaya sa akin. Maraming biyayang natanggap. Maraming pagkaing natikman. Maraming napuntahan na lugar. Maraming pangyayaring nagpabago ng aking kaisipan. 

    Sa kabila ng lahat, nalaman ko na masarap mabuhay lalo na pagkasama mo si Lord. May mga pagkakataong masaya, meron din namang pagkakataong malungkot. Sa bawat araw lagi kang may matutunan at kailangan mo lamang ng bukas na isipan upang matanggap ng buong buo ang mga bagay na magtuturo kung pano talaga mabuhay na puno at kasiya-siya.

    Ako ay lubos na nagagalak sa mangyayari ngayong 2011. Alam kong maraming darating na bago. Bago sa paningin ko. Mga bagong bagay na huhubog sa aking pagkatao. Kaya naman maligayang Bagong Taon sa inyong lahat. THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

    Thursday, December 30, 2010

    The Youth Summit 2010 Experience - Part 1

    A day after the most awaited event of the KKB-CYN Movement. Refreshed. Energized. Hyped. Changed. Now time to share my story.

    Day 1 (December 28)

    I just came from our 4 day vacation in Cabanatuan. Haven't got a good sleep yet but all is worth it when you spend time with your relatives. I called Hazel and ask her the final details for the SUMMIT. She told me that we will rent 4 jeeps for all of our delegates. Woke up early by 3AM. Thanks to my alarm! Got to church around 4AM and surprised that we're almost complete. Yeah!

    - Got to Ninoy Aquino Stadium at exactly 6:30AM, walang traffic. Good thing we lined up already coz by 8AM the line went through the entrance of Rizal Baseball Stadium.

    - 6 of us we're seated on the VIP area and the rest including me were in the Lower Box section.

    - All were excited and hyped during the Praise and Worship (more of Citipointe and Planetshakers) Kuya Jade and Ate Jovi were the hosts. KKB Merchandise all around. Sayang naubusan kami ng Stop Me, If You Can shirt.

    - First speaker was Pastor Bobot. This was the first time that I listened to Him with full attention. He talked about Intimacy with God. Great preaching to start the Summit. Before you can be unstoppable, you must know and have an intimate relationship with God first. How? He must be your HOME, HELP and HAPPINESS. Listen to Gary V's Warrior Is A Child and you'll know what I'm talking about.

    - Kuya Jade and Ate Jovi introduced the KKB Movement Card. Pero di pa ko nakaka-avail. Hahaha

    - Second speaker was Sec. Joel. I heard him talk many times but this time it's different. He talked about the role of the church in the society. How the church must influence their respective communities and be the light in those dark places. He also testified about his first born son, and his child was a living testimony that God is a miracle-working God. Amazing!

    - The last speaker for the Leaders' session was Dr. Dory Villanueva. She talked about the importance of mentoring in building relationships with fellow believers who are just starting their walk with God.

    - General Session started at 5PM. We were on the bleachers of the baseball stadium together with all of our first timers. It was a BIG venue!

    - Production numbers were great. Thumbs up for all those participants!

    -Rev. Joey shared his story and led thousands of young people to come Jesus and make Him the Lord of their lives. Young people ran towards the stage. Goosebumps. Parang Billy Graham crusade! It was a great sight to see those young people to surrender everything and put their full trust on God.

    - Youth Tube is back! Donita Rose shared her story that God is the only who can complete their life, not material things or relationhips, only God. She also shared how can we be a good testimony and let our life be the living example to the people around us. And through our life story, people will see the change and eventually come to Christ.

    - Got home by 1030PM. Bilis ng byahe. Kelangan matulog ng maaga para magising ng maaga for the second day. 

    Part 2: Click here.

    Photos by Rhezel and David.

    Monday, December 20, 2010

    Sunday Rewind - 12/19/10

    - went to church at exactly 8AM

    - had a great Christmas program at church. The sunday school kids did a great job.

    - I can feel the Christmas spirit with all those songs performed in stage.

    - Me, Guian, Ryan, Dong and Mark danced a remix of Here I Am To Worship. Been a while. I still love dancing. First love

    - PS Alain preached about the real spirit of Christmas and that is WORSHIP. He talked about what the witnesses(Mary, shepherds and the three wise men) did on the first Christmas, and we should do the same too.

    - Church's Christmas Party was held at The Old Spaghetti House in Paseo. First time to be there with my spiritual family.

    - Games were crazy. Delicious pasta. Ham giveaways. Picture-Picture. Good times.

    - got home by 6PM, excited for Azkals game at 8PM

    - Azkals lost to Indonesia. Gonzales' goal was great! Still proud of our team. The best is yet to come. Got 3 games on 2011 already.

    Tiring yet fun and blessed.
    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Thursday, December 16, 2010


    Honor your father and mother.

    One of the most neglected commandment by the youth. As a teenager a few years ago, naks! (feeling matured). I know the feeling that you can do anything and you don't need any help. You like to be with your friends rather than spending quality time with your family. 

    During the last session of FORMDEV, Doc Sison asked one of the students if she know and do God's will. The girl said yes, and Doc asked her a follow up question if she's obeying her parents. It will be hard for us to obey God whom we don't see if we don't obey our parent whom we see everyday. That hit me hard. I remember when I always yell at my mom, I realized now that it's not a good example to set for my younger siblings. Good thing, God is always there to remind and correct us for our mistakes.

    You can be active in church/school/organization/club and do all those stuff but if you're not obedient at home, well better check you heart if its still on the right path. As a son or daughter, we must learn to obey them even if it's against our will. But one thing I do know, and I guarantee you this: They just want what's best for us. Period.

    Azkals: The Philippine National Football Team

    Football is loved all over the world except here in the Philippines. We all know that basketball is the main sport here but now things are starting to change.

    Introducing, the AZKALS!!!

    Why Azkals? (got this form their FB page)

    An askal is a Filipino term for any dog with no pedigree, no breed, no class. The askal is usually astray, unsupported and survives by feeding on whatever provision it can find. The Filipino national football team can relate to this mongrel, they have almost no support from a government thats suppose to support them, they are underdogs not just only to the world but even in their own region, South East Asia. But despite these odds, just like an askal the National Team is a survivor. No matter how many 5-0s or 7-0s it suffers, it keeps on fighting. Despite no funding, it continues to strive to become better. And in a country where basketball is the main sport, even if they don't have a whole lot of support from their own kababayans they still manage to pull out results and try their very best to inspire a nation marred by corruption, violence and civil war.

    So yes, they are underdogs, but they never surrender our fight!

    Finally, a sport that suites my taste.

    Last week up to now, our Azkals is making a history and putting back our country to the Football leagues in Asia and in the world. For those who don't know and not a fan of football at all. Here's some news that maybe, just maybe will change your perception about this sport. 

    Azkals beat Vietnam, the defending champion with a score of 2-0.
    Azkals won against Singapore, 5-0.
    Azkals tied with Myanmar at 0-0.

    And now, for the first time in history we're on the semis. Last night we were defeated by Indonesia, with all those 88,000 fans I can feel the pressure to our players not being able to play on our home game. Our team did great last night, it was just a lucky goal! 

    Some exciting news again:
    -#azkals and Younghusband are included to top 10 trending topics last night on Twitter
    -Philippines will host the AFF Suzuki Cup on 2012
    -Philippines will join the qualifying round for 2014 FIFA next year
    -Philippines will join the 2011 SEA Games 

    A lot of improvements needed to be done, especially support from our government. All in all, I can say that AZKALS brought a new fever in our country and to all your present and future achievements, I salute you guys!

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!


    The truth will set you free.

    For the past days, I know that God is telling me to be truthful and faithful. I must embrace the truth, and that truth is no other than the Word of God. It hit me when I realize when most of us don't read the Bible or hear and don't apply it because we tend to move away and we know deep in our hearts God's message will surely be against our lifestyle. We want to do things our way. Sometimes.

    Even so, God's message is timeless and relevant to every people. His word is sharper than a double-edged sword (sharper than a light saber!). When things don't go our way and everything is falling out, I hate to say it but that's the time when we always come to God, making Him our last hope and chance to save us from the consequences of our mistakes. But it doesn't have to be like this. 

    Let me tell you this truth: God loves us even before we were born, even before we commit our sins and even before our rebellion against Him. But that love is so unconditional and nothing can ever compare to it. 

    His love heals our diseases.
    His love fulfills our every need.
    His love is everything.

    Read His word and know the truth for yourself.

    Christianity starts with and is sustained by how much God loves you; not how much you love Him! -Judah Smith

    Here's a song to make my message clear to you.

    Sunday, December 12, 2010

    Sunday Rewind - 12/12/10

    - woke up at 6AM. sleepy

    - went to church to attend 1st service. had coffee while setting up our booth at the lobby

    - had a great time shouting and promoting YOUTH SUMMIT 2010. thank you for all your donations!

    - ate at Atoy's Porkchop then drove to buy some snacks for the LIFEJAM Christmas party

    - LIFEJAM theme was K-POP. Me and Dong danced to Super Junior's Sorry Sorry. Crazy! Haha

    - Ate Alma preached about Paul and Silas when they were still in jail. Despite of the situation they still chose to worship. And God honored that, releasing them from prison.

    - Paper dance, Crossing the River, Coin Relay and BALUT eating contest. Fun Fun Fun time at the Christmas party.

    - thumbs up for the green team, team TUTA for a job well done.

    - 8 got saved. WOW! One of them was Angelica, it was her birthday too! Amazing!

    - Many registered for the YOUTH SUMMIT 2010.

    - went home at 11PM, slept at 1AM. woah

    Watta Sunday! Year-ender service was spectacular. Greater things have yet to come.

    All the glory is Yours.

    Tuesday, December 7, 2010

    Campus Visit - BNHS

    First stop: Balibago National Highschool

    This was my first time visiting a public highschool here in our area. Thanks to LIFEJAM and our connections to the school, to Teacher Wena, Mrs. Pascua and our very active brother in faith Christian, we got to visit the school twice. The team planned to invite students at our service and this is our first stop, BNHS. It was a great experience, but most of it were unexpected. God really knows how to surprise us and we should be always ready to put on our gears and get in the battle. Aye, Sir!

    Anyway, the students were responsive and thanks to the advisers, they gave us 5 minutes of their time to invite.
    We made small stickers for them to be reminded of the event. Within a short span of time, we managed to get it done. Thanks to all our friends who supported and came along. 

    We plan, but God makes the way. Stay faithful. Even if things don't go as planned, know that God is the director and our job is to play our roles well and always give our best shot. He works behind the scenes. 

    There's no fun knowing it all. Pray, be faithful and watch Him work.

    Sunday Rewind - 12/5/10

    - 1st Sunday of December!!!

    - new series at church. Jesus, Worthy of Our Praise - He is really the reason for the season. Ate Joanne preached at the second service, she preached about some of the characteristics of God. The more you know God, the more you will worship Him.

    - lunch at Erly's Porkchop. sulit ung beef steak! mura na, masarap pa!

    - new faces was present at LIFEJAM. we broke our average attendance record!

    - a lot of praising, jumping and shouting! lives were surrendered to Christ and we all had a great time

    - Kuya Chris is the superman of the day!!! da best!

    - had a great laugh with the team. pahhhh!!!!! wuahahahahaha

    - planned for the Christmas Party next week. crazy things will happen hahaha

    Last LIFEJAM session next week. Be there!!! 

    Sunday, November 28, 2010

    Sunday Rewind - 11/28/10

    -woke up feeling great! It was a good morning, the morning after our successful Thesis Defense :D

    - Rahab was the character featured in our current series - Empowered by God. God can use anybody, just make yourself available and you'll never know what God can do with your life. One person can really make a difference.

    - had a short phone talk with Cha, she's really passionate on leading a School Outreach Ministry. If you're in Letran Calamba you should join them! Way to go!

    - lunch at home. PORKCHOP!

    - watched Harry Potter 7 with my bro. Dobby died. Saw the weird dance of Harry. The story of Deathly Hallows is really creepy. Wonderin' how did Dumbledore got the most powerful wand in the world?

    - LIFEJAM and SYJM at 6PM. Almost 100+ young people came for the 1st SYJM gathering. A lot of shouting, jumping, praising and eating happened last night and it was awesome! Yeah!

    - short meeting with the KKB Core Team. 3rd monthsary! 

    - will visit Balibago National High School this week to invite them at LIFEJAM.

    - concert with Peniel band tomorrow night! Go Ps. Norman!

    Believe and watch Him work in us. 

    Sunday, November 21, 2010

    Sunday Rewind - 11/21/10

    - woke up at 7:30 in the morning

    - went to church early for the intercession before the 2nd service

    - announced our fund raising project for the upcoming Youth Summit 2010, thanks to all who supported and gave right away

    - family lunch at Barrio Fiesta

    - saw familiar faces at SM!

    - my brother watched Inception for the first time, my parents went to Tagaytay, I drove to prepare for our LIFEJAM service

    -2 Bible characters were discussed, Philip and Timothy - amazing guys!

    - had a great time talking to Raven, Kuya Chod and Kuya Jun. Let's go to La Union!

    - good discussion with the KKB Core Team about certain issues

    - thanks Kuya Chris for the free check up!

    SYJM and LIFEJAM next week! 6PM! See you all there :)

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010

    Wang Videography

    These guys are great! Just saw amazing on-site wedding videos on youtube. I will definitely hire these people to cover my future wedding. Need to save now. A bit expensive but it's worth it. Perfect for once in a lifetime moments. AWESOME!

    Here's Carlo and Mich's video.

    Carlo and Michelle SDE from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

    Sunday, November 7, 2010

    Sunday Rewind - 11/7/10

    Inspired from Dennis Sy

    - woke up feeling great. Had a good sleep

    - Empowered by God. New series for November. Perfect for what I'm experiencing right now. God really spoke to me that time.

    - LIFEJAM was awesome. Talents were shown. The people had a great afternoon. God was glorified.

    - Christian did a great job playing the flute. Mark and Joy sang a tagalog worship song, Christian Faraon was part of the band. Paule sisters did a number for Nothing is Impossible. Anthony and company performed a combined modern and interpretative dance.

    - Ate Fil Manuel preached about the life of David. Undignified worship.

    - The worship team did a great job! I love those mash-up praise songs. Because of You-I am Free-Sing Sing Sing. Crazy dancing! Way to go Kuya Chris!

    - Pastor Norman visited and informed us that their concert's venue was moved to SM Event Center. Whoa!

    - Had a great time with the KKB core team. next week we will study the life of Paul

    Empowered and refreshed. I love Sunday.

    Saturday, November 6, 2010

    Soundcheck. Feeling composer 101

    Naisip ko lang to kanina. Sinulat ko na baka makalimutan ko pa. Mukhang makakabuo ako ng kanta. yeah!

    So, where are we going?
    Why keep on tryin'?
    Just keep believing
    And we'll get there
    Even if we stumble and fall
    So please hear our call
    We know that someday we'll get there

    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    Original Pinoy Christian Music

    I wasn't able to blog about this last month and I'm posting this now. I was privileged to be a part of Krystal Box Live at the Music Museum. Ms.Maan asked me to be part of the production team wherein we will be in charge of multimedia presentations during the event and I said yes. The venue was so right to introduce local artists that makes original songs. I've been longing for this kind of event because I know Filipinos are talented when it comes to music and why not make music for our Lord. I've been a fan of CCM and I know just like what Paolo Valenciano said, "We can make this work." Here's some highlight of the event. (I don't own these photos.)

    Ogie Cayabyab singing his single Hellsong.
    This is Andy Calope from Cebu.
    If you want some party rock music, here's TINY CACTUS.

    Kung inspired ka ng Eheads, sila pastor ang kasama mo dyan.
    Below: Soothing music of Yes, Yes , Yesu
    Powerful vocals of Indios

    We got some treat for Paolo of Salamin! He was surprised. Haha
    If you want some growl and hardcore rock music, FUZION band is for you.

    It ended with praise and worship songs from Overflow Band.

    That was it! Amazing. Bilib ako sa galing ng Pinoy. Thank you Krystal Box!

    Event highlights!

    The Way of the Master - But If You Say So

    This is great. I got a title for my blog this whole November. I will just share some of my insights as I read and meditate on the way Jesus do stuff during His time and how relevant it is today.

    Yesterday, I was able to read Luke 5 from verse 1 to 11. The heading was, The First Disciples. It got me instantly because nowadays churches have been struggling to be discipled and get disciples. This made me wonder how Jesus did this without attending conferences and apply some 10 things "to-do". So here's the plot, Jesus was speaking in public on the shore. He went on a beach to preach! After His preaching, He told to Simon to go out and let down your net to catch some fish . Simon replied that they've been fishing the whole day and didn't catch a thing. Read Simon's next words, BUT IF YOU SAY SO, I'll let down the nets again. To cut the story short, their boats were not enough and the net almost broke to get all the fish. That's obedience!

    Simon knew the fact that there's nothing to catch but Jesus instructed him to do it again. He just obeyed. Often times, we are blinded by reality. But we are not called to live like that, we are called to LIVE by FAITH and not by sight. Yes, it is true that we must consider facts but that can't be fully applied when it comes to spirituality and obedience. God loves crazy stuff. He wants to do things that will blow your mind and leave you speechless. And that time, Simon was speechless and felt unworthy that Jesus spends time with them. I can relate to Peter. Who are we that He, Jesus wants to spend time with filthy sinners like us? His grace is evident in this story.

    So here's the catch, when you obey good things happen. It's like obeying our parents and teachers. When they say something that you must do, you must DO IT. No holding back, even if you don't feel like doing it. The same way when God wants us to do something. My prayer is that we can tell God what's really happening in our lives and be willing to obey. This is me, this is what's happening BUT IF YOU SAY SO, I will obey you.

    I don't know what God is saying to you. These are some areas where we can apply obedience.
    - obeying our parents
    - doing school works
    - attending church services and gathering
    - forgive those who hurt you
    - helping the poor
    - be active in ministry
    - share the Good News

    Remember: Obedience is better than Sacrifice. Just do it.

    Watch out for more! Faith-Hope-Love.

    Coffee Bean

    I would like to thank Steve Murell and David Bonifacio for introducing me to my so-called workstation to get done with our thesis, Coffee Bean. Our thesis group always find it difficult to search for a place where we can be productive to finish our tasks. We tried Seattle's Best, Starbucks and Gloria Jeans but none of them was successful in giving us a good workplace. It was during the Barangay Elections last October 25 we got the chance to spend and try this place. 

    Coffee Bean. I love their Ice-Blended fraps. Got my Swirl Card and this gave us free and unlimited wi-fi that we can use for the whole day. I forgot to say that we're working here in Ayala and this place gave us 'momentum' as Ryvin call it, to be productive. 

    Few days remaining till our submission and excited to have our demo again on Saturday with our adviser. Now back to work!

    Can't wait to apply for graduation.

    The Social Network

    During my break yesterday, I was able to watch "The Social Network". The story and the man behind Facebook. It surprised me that today as I type my blog, Facebook have more than 500 million active users. That took social networking into a whole new level. 

    Here's my thought about the movie. The plot started when Mark was dumped by her girlfriend and that made a way for him to do crazy stuff, in his mind he thought to compare a two Harvard student and see who's hotter and came. The story was presented telling the past and the future. Past, meaning how the idea was created. Future, when the founders filed intellectual property cases to each other. This make me realize how important a team is. Mark didn't do Facebook alone, he needs a team. He may took the credit for having the ability to made the idea into a reality but he can't maintain and manage it on his own. I remembered how our professors told us to have Bibliography and good reference with APA format on our reports and documentations! Haha

    Let me get to the point. This may summarize what the movie is all about.  Ideas by themselves are worthless. It's what you do with them that matters. -Francis Kong

    I want to buy a hoodie. Harvard, Stanford or Yale will do. Inform me if you know where to buy. 

    Sunday, October 31, 2010

    Why Men HATE Going to Church?

    48 million women attend church every week while only 35 million men do. That’s a gender imbalance of 13 million people, and a reason why churches need to become man-friendly–according to David Murrow, author of Why Men Hate Going To Church.

    “[Murrow] concluded that today’s church culture favors, even expects, participation in intimate, nurturing behavior such as singing, hand-holding, sitting in circles and sharing feelings. Many men feel uncomfortable in such an environment and choose not to go.” (Washington Post)

    Just want to post this thought. Church today needs more MEN to stand up and be the leader and head God designed them to be.  Honestly, it saddens me to see men outnumbered by women when it comes to spirituality and leadership. It is true that God designed men to be initiators and not mere followers. On the other hand, women are emotional people and can be easily touched by church worship experience. Men by the way, wants to be challenged, but at some point they don't want their pride to be down. Men can be confident at the same time being humble with God's grace, I am praying and hoping that more men must learn how to be a MAN. 

    Sometimes the atmosphere in church were designed and obviously made by women. With all those flowers and bright colors surrounding the hall, it's too feminine for me. I am not against decorating. I would like to point out that if we want men to be more active, the men inside the church must take the initiative to start something that is engaging and challenging. Also, there's a need for men preachers today. Again, I am not against the 'pastoras'. I am saying that there is really a big difference when a word came from the mouth of a man. It is powerful and gives you assurance that whats being said is serious and doable. MANHOOD is the key here people.

    Men needs to be reminded of their original design and purpose.
    Church needs to train and equip men.

    Real men are those who have faith, integrity and excellence.

    Just sayin'

    For more tips and insights go to

    JIL 32nd Anniversary

    Last Friday, our church celebrated 32 years of God's faithfulness at Luneta Grandstand. Yes! It's the place where the hostage taking took place. Something happened that almost hindered me from going pero tuloy pa rin. I don't want to miss this! And here are some highlights of the event.

    - arrived at JIL Sta. Rosa around 2PM
    - surprised that we got free transportation, and it's a BUS!!!
    - the aircon broke when we were in Sucat. Epic Fail! haha
    - cracked some jokes during the travel time
    - arrived at Luneta around 5PM
    - good weather :)
    - too bad, we're almost in the last row. pero ok lang at least we have seats. :)
    - got to see Shanice and Reuel Espiritu
    - dinner with Ziel Villegas and Neil Chua sa carinderia sa tabi ng Luneta
    - saw politicians and religious leaders.
    - amazed on the testimonies.
    - loved the shirts of the TRIUNE dancers. I WANT ONE!!!!
    - astig ng 32 acoustic guitars
    - got the blue bracelet pass from our pinsan...hahaha
    - saw friends I haven't seen for a while
    - new dance steps and songs
    - loved the feeling to sing worship songs outdoors
    - Bro. Eddie is the real deal. He's a living example to the youth!
    - left Luneta around 11PM
    - got home by 1AM

    Amazing Friday Night!
    Soar high Jesus Is Lord Church.

    More pics here:

    Wednesday, October 27, 2010


    I spent the day with a group of men in our house church learning what it takes to be a man of God when it comes to loving and respecting women. In our day an age most men are not men, they are boys. Most guys still want to marry their mom, have a women serve and take care of them, are not willing to take initiative or commit in a relationship, most men are still living in fear, not pursuing their callings by settling for “safe” because its easy. This is sad, upsetting and the standard must change.
    Women don’t want to marry boys, they want to marry men. Women don’t want boys they have to put up with, clean up after and take care of, they want to be lead, pursued and taken on an exciting life adventure. If you go to most of the churches in the Western world today, you will find that there are very few spiritual men, instead there are many spiritual women. It’s disappointing, but I hear it from women of faith all the time, “Pastor Jaeson, where are the godly men?”
    Today, a good brother and leader in our GBS community Daniel Ra explained what God showed him to be the “5 Pillars of Manhood” in how men must love, respect and serve women. It was enlightening and reinforcing from what I have been teaching men for years when it comes to pursuing a woman of God… of course none of us are perfect, we all have our mistakes, but we must each strive to be better and greater than what we were before yesterday, everyday making an effort to be more like God, to be just like Jesus, to be a man of faith and honor.
    The 5 Pillars of Manhood…
    1. Lead - A man must be a leader in a relationship, in a marriage, in a family. There are no excuses. A woman doesn’t want to make the decisions for her man, she wants her man to lead in the relationship. A man must take initiative. A man of God is leader, not a follower, a servant, not a slave, a hero not a coward. A man of God knows God and therefore knows himself. He should be the leader spiritually first, emotionally, mentally and physically he should set the standard for others to follow.
    2. Protect - A real man of God will protect his partner. That means he is willing to lay down his very own life, needs and wants for the protection of the one he loves. Every decision he makes when it comes to a relationship has her protection in mind. A woman needs to feel secure, that she is protected and safe with her man. She doesn’t need to second guess, wonder if she will be okay, or have her heart and mind played with. A real man of God will not only protect his woman physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. He always has the highest good in his mind for her safety, well being and wholeness. This is for the Christian guys out there, don’t emotionally rape a sister, play with her heart and tell her you are just her brother or friend. That is BS. Man up. You either pursue a woman of God because she is God’s precious creation, or you don’t try touching it at all, or play with their hearts emotionally, unless you are willing to be up front and clear with your intentions and the direction of the relationship from the start. Emotional rape is as painful to a woman as physical rape. Women are emotional beings and their hearts are not to be played with. Protect your sisters heart.
    3. Provide – A real man of God will do whatever it takes to provide for his significant other. That means monetarily in finances, in basic needs and as well as what she desires. When a man asks a father for his daughter in marriage, the father will not ask, “How are you doing spiritually first?” No, the first thing the father will ask is, “How will you provide for my daughter?” Because part of being and becoming a man is providing for others, especially your wife and children. If a man can’t provide, he isn’t a man. God gave us hands and we must put our hands to work, no excuses to be lazy, God made us to rule the earth. Women are not be treated as toys, trophies or a luxury item, women are God’s highest creation, the very image of God.
    I tell men all the time, “Treat your woman like a queen and you will live like a king.” Don’t be cheap brothers, you need to go all out when it comes to pursuing a woman. This is not a one time thing, but a continual practice. Women were created for beauty. They were created beautiful, to feel beautiful to be treated beautiful. You don’t handle a rose without care, it is the same with a woman of God, you treat her with the utmost care, honor and respect. Practically, that means you don’t take a woman to Denny’s on a first date, you take her to a place that hurts your wallet, but it’s worth it because she is worthy.
    Also, men must also provide for women emotionally. When a women asks you, “How are you doing?” She is really asking, “How are you being?” Meaning, what are you feeling, thinking, seeing, being about at the moment. To love a women we must provide at every level – basic needs all the way to providing for them mentally, emotionally and spiritually, if not their hearts will die. Be a man, provide for your women.
    4. Integrity – A true man of God is a man of his word. Too many men in our culture break promises, play with women’s hearts, date girls as if it was a game, and have no respect for women at all. This is disgusting. In old times, when a man said “You have my word!” that word was bond, it was as if an actual contract had been written, because your word was your reputation. How many men do we know today who say one thing, but do another? Men who do not keep their word, their promise or follow through with their verbal commitments. In our culture we don’t take words seriously, but in God’s world words are everything. Blessings and curses come out of the same mouth. What comes out of our mouths determines what is truly in our hearts.
    What a woman wants is a man of integrity. Someone who says what he does and does what he says. Someone they can trust at their word. So as a man you must come through. Words means nothing if they are not backed up with action. Don’t say sorry unless you mean it. Don’t say sorry unless you are able to back up your apologies with doing the right thing. Integrity is doing what is right, whether people are watching or not. Integrity is what you do when no one is looking. Does your woman trust you completely? If not, it is a question of integrity. Don’t tell a women you love her unless your love shows, words carry weight. They either carry false weight or real weight, a woman knows when a man means what he says.
    So live by your words, live by action, be a living proof of your values, convictions and commitments. Don’t get involved in a relationship unless you are sure this what you want and what God is leading you both to do. I’ve had my share of mistakes in the past, where I got into a relationship without thinking about the consequences, protecting my sisters heart and the fear of the Lord from the get go, I’ve had to make amends and face the results of my sin and foolishness. Trust me brothers, don’t do what I’ve done in the past, don’t play games, don’t feed your fleshly desires, rather seek God, seek the best interest of the one you are pursuing, be honest, forthright from the start about your commitment and your vision for the relationship and stick to your word. Be a man of integrity.
    If you pursue a women, it should be with the intentions of marriage. If not, stop playing yourself and her. It’s not about finding the right woman, it’s about being the right man. That starts with first knowing God in order to know yourself, then you will know how to love and respect a woman.
    5) Courage - You are not a man until you climb the great wall of China! This is what it says at the actual great wall. Well, I have climbed the Great Wall of China so I guess I must be more of a man than others, just kidding. What is the greater underlying message here? It is a message of courage. It is a message of adventure. A man of God is a man of courage, a man of adventure, a man who is willing to take risks and do the impossible. Men were born to live a life of great adventure. Men were created to fight battles. Men were created to rescue beauties. Men were created to live.
    Sadly, most men are not living. Most men are cowards, fearful and afraid of failure. Imprisoned by their own thinking and what others think about them. Many men are just boys waiting for their mother’s approval, or the approval of others in society. Most men I know are people pleasers, not God pleasers. They are more afraid of how others may reject them or not accept them if they choose to take the road less traveled.
    All men die, few men truly live.
    Women don’t want nice guys or good boys, women want men on a mission, men on adventure, men who are dangerous. This is why many women are drawn to bad boys because bad boys live with a sense of risk, danger, mystery and unknown. Men were created to live fearless and to live by faith. But if you walk into a church today what you find are a bunch of boys playing with their toys, working at predictable jobs — not their true callings, and living boring lives. It’s sad, but most guys get their sense of adventure from playing video games or watching TV, what happened to our men?
    A man of faith will sweep a woman of God off of her feet. He will challenge her to go the distance in God, in their relationship and in life. A man of courage is someone who in the face of fear still chooses to move forward with trust in God, setting out to obey God’s voice at whatever the cost, because that is what matters the most. We need men who have hearts fully alive, hearts full of passion and are on a mission to change the world. There is a high cost to being a man of courage, there is a price to pay if we want to be a real hero, it means we are willing to go against the grain, follow God against all odds and live a life of honor, courage and righteousness.
    When a woman finds a man of courage, it will encourage her to be all that God has created her to be. As a man, your goal is not how your woman can serve you, but how can you serve your woman? As a man, your goal is not how a woman can serve your destiny, but how can you do all that you possibly can to release the fullness of God’s glory and destiny in her.
    Men take the lead, protect at all costs, provide in every way, live by your word and live a life of adventure with the Holy Spirit — obey God, not man and you will be the man of God you were created to be — and your woman will love you for it.
    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.