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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Youth Summit 2010 Experience - Part 1

A day after the most awaited event of the KKB-CYN Movement. Refreshed. Energized. Hyped. Changed. Now time to share my story.

Day 1 (December 28)

I just came from our 4 day vacation in Cabanatuan. Haven't got a good sleep yet but all is worth it when you spend time with your relatives. I called Hazel and ask her the final details for the SUMMIT. She told me that we will rent 4 jeeps for all of our delegates. Woke up early by 3AM. Thanks to my alarm! Got to church around 4AM and surprised that we're almost complete. Yeah!

- Got to Ninoy Aquino Stadium at exactly 6:30AM, walang traffic. Good thing we lined up already coz by 8AM the line went through the entrance of Rizal Baseball Stadium.

- 6 of us we're seated on the VIP area and the rest including me were in the Lower Box section.

- All were excited and hyped during the Praise and Worship (more of Citipointe and Planetshakers) Kuya Jade and Ate Jovi were the hosts. KKB Merchandise all around. Sayang naubusan kami ng Stop Me, If You Can shirt.

- First speaker was Pastor Bobot. This was the first time that I listened to Him with full attention. He talked about Intimacy with God. Great preaching to start the Summit. Before you can be unstoppable, you must know and have an intimate relationship with God first. How? He must be your HOME, HELP and HAPPINESS. Listen to Gary V's Warrior Is A Child and you'll know what I'm talking about.

- Kuya Jade and Ate Jovi introduced the KKB Movement Card. Pero di pa ko nakaka-avail. Hahaha

- Second speaker was Sec. Joel. I heard him talk many times but this time it's different. He talked about the role of the church in the society. How the church must influence their respective communities and be the light in those dark places. He also testified about his first born son, and his child was a living testimony that God is a miracle-working God. Amazing!

- The last speaker for the Leaders' session was Dr. Dory Villanueva. She talked about the importance of mentoring in building relationships with fellow believers who are just starting their walk with God.

- General Session started at 5PM. We were on the bleachers of the baseball stadium together with all of our first timers. It was a BIG venue!

- Production numbers were great. Thumbs up for all those participants!

-Rev. Joey shared his story and led thousands of young people to come Jesus and make Him the Lord of their lives. Young people ran towards the stage. Goosebumps. Parang Billy Graham crusade! It was a great sight to see those young people to surrender everything and put their full trust on God.

- Youth Tube is back! Donita Rose shared her story that God is the only who can complete their life, not material things or relationhips, only God. She also shared how can we be a good testimony and let our life be the living example to the people around us. And through our life story, people will see the change and eventually come to Christ.

- Got home by 1030PM. Bilis ng byahe. Kelangan matulog ng maaga para magising ng maaga for the second day. 

Part 2: Click here.

Photos by Rhezel and David.


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