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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Rewind - 12/12/10

- woke up at 6AM. sleepy

- went to church to attend 1st service. had coffee while setting up our booth at the lobby

- had a great time shouting and promoting YOUTH SUMMIT 2010. thank you for all your donations!

- ate at Atoy's Porkchop then drove to buy some snacks for the LIFEJAM Christmas party

- LIFEJAM theme was K-POP. Me and Dong danced to Super Junior's Sorry Sorry. Crazy! Haha

- Ate Alma preached about Paul and Silas when they were still in jail. Despite of the situation they still chose to worship. And God honored that, releasing them from prison.

- Paper dance, Crossing the River, Coin Relay and BALUT eating contest. Fun Fun Fun time at the Christmas party.

- thumbs up for the green team, team TUTA for a job well done.

- 8 got saved. WOW! One of them was Angelica, it was her birthday too! Amazing!

- Many registered for the YOUTH SUMMIT 2010.

- went home at 11PM, slept at 1AM. woah

Watta Sunday! Year-ender service was spectacular. Greater things have yet to come.

All the glory is Yours.


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