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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Campus Visit - BNHS

First stop: Balibago National Highschool

This was my first time visiting a public highschool here in our area. Thanks to LIFEJAM and our connections to the school, to Teacher Wena, Mrs. Pascua and our very active brother in faith Christian, we got to visit the school twice. The team planned to invite students at our service and this is our first stop, BNHS. It was a great experience, but most of it were unexpected. God really knows how to surprise us and we should be always ready to put on our gears and get in the battle. Aye, Sir!

Anyway, the students were responsive and thanks to the advisers, they gave us 5 minutes of their time to invite.
We made small stickers for them to be reminded of the event. Within a short span of time, we managed to get it done. Thanks to all our friends who supported and came along. 

We plan, but God makes the way. Stay faithful. Even if things don't go as planned, know that God is the director and our job is to play our roles well and always give our best shot. He works behind the scenes. 

There's no fun knowing it all. Pray, be faithful and watch Him work.


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