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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Honor your father and mother.

One of the most neglected commandment by the youth. As a teenager a few years ago, naks! (feeling matured). I know the feeling that you can do anything and you don't need any help. You like to be with your friends rather than spending quality time with your family. 

During the last session of FORMDEV, Doc Sison asked one of the students if she know and do God's will. The girl said yes, and Doc asked her a follow up question if she's obeying her parents. It will be hard for us to obey God whom we don't see if we don't obey our parent whom we see everyday. That hit me hard. I remember when I always yell at my mom, I realized now that it's not a good example to set for my younger siblings. Good thing, God is always there to remind and correct us for our mistakes.

You can be active in church/school/organization/club and do all those stuff but if you're not obedient at home, well better check you heart if its still on the right path. As a son or daughter, we must learn to obey them even if it's against our will. But one thing I do know, and I guarantee you this: They just want what's best for us. Period.


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