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Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday Rewind - 12/19/10

- went to church at exactly 8AM

- had a great Christmas program at church. The sunday school kids did a great job.

- I can feel the Christmas spirit with all those songs performed in stage.

- Me, Guian, Ryan, Dong and Mark danced a remix of Here I Am To Worship. Been a while. I still love dancing. First love

- PS Alain preached about the real spirit of Christmas and that is WORSHIP. He talked about what the witnesses(Mary, shepherds and the three wise men) did on the first Christmas, and we should do the same too.

- Church's Christmas Party was held at The Old Spaghetti House in Paseo. First time to be there with my spiritual family.

- Games were crazy. Delicious pasta. Ham giveaways. Picture-Picture. Good times.

- got home by 6PM, excited for Azkals game at 8PM

- Azkals lost to Indonesia. Gonzales' goal was great! Still proud of our team. The best is yet to come. Got 3 games on 2011 already.

Tiring yet fun and blessed.
Merry Christmas everyone!


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