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Sunday, October 31, 2010

JIL 32nd Anniversary

Last Friday, our church celebrated 32 years of God's faithfulness at Luneta Grandstand. Yes! It's the place where the hostage taking took place. Something happened that almost hindered me from going pero tuloy pa rin. I don't want to miss this! And here are some highlights of the event.

- arrived at JIL Sta. Rosa around 2PM
- surprised that we got free transportation, and it's a BUS!!!
- the aircon broke when we were in Sucat. Epic Fail! haha
- cracked some jokes during the travel time
- arrived at Luneta around 5PM
- good weather :)
- too bad, we're almost in the last row. pero ok lang at least we have seats. :)
- got to see Shanice and Reuel Espiritu
- dinner with Ziel Villegas and Neil Chua sa carinderia sa tabi ng Luneta
- saw politicians and religious leaders.
- amazed on the testimonies.
- loved the shirts of the TRIUNE dancers. I WANT ONE!!!!
- astig ng 32 acoustic guitars
- got the blue bracelet pass from our pinsan...hahaha
- saw friends I haven't seen for a while
- new dance steps and songs
- loved the feeling to sing worship songs outdoors
- Bro. Eddie is the real deal. He's a living example to the youth!
- left Luneta around 11PM
- got home by 1AM

Amazing Friday Night!
Soar high Jesus Is Lord Church.

More pics here:


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