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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why Men HATE Going to Church?

48 million women attend church every week while only 35 million men do. That’s a gender imbalance of 13 million people, and a reason why churches need to become man-friendly–according to David Murrow, author of Why Men Hate Going To Church.

“[Murrow] concluded that today’s church culture favors, even expects, participation in intimate, nurturing behavior such as singing, hand-holding, sitting in circles and sharing feelings. Many men feel uncomfortable in such an environment and choose not to go.” (Washington Post)

Just want to post this thought. Church today needs more MEN to stand up and be the leader and head God designed them to be.  Honestly, it saddens me to see men outnumbered by women when it comes to spirituality and leadership. It is true that God designed men to be initiators and not mere followers. On the other hand, women are emotional people and can be easily touched by church worship experience. Men by the way, wants to be challenged, but at some point they don't want their pride to be down. Men can be confident at the same time being humble with God's grace, I am praying and hoping that more men must learn how to be a MAN. 

Sometimes the atmosphere in church were designed and obviously made by women. With all those flowers and bright colors surrounding the hall, it's too feminine for me. I am not against decorating. I would like to point out that if we want men to be more active, the men inside the church must take the initiative to start something that is engaging and challenging. Also, there's a need for men preachers today. Again, I am not against the 'pastoras'. I am saying that there is really a big difference when a word came from the mouth of a man. It is powerful and gives you assurance that whats being said is serious and doable. MANHOOD is the key here people.

Men needs to be reminded of their original design and purpose.
Church needs to train and equip men.

Real men are those who have faith, integrity and excellence.

Just sayin'

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