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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Social Network

During my break yesterday, I was able to watch "The Social Network". The story and the man behind Facebook. It surprised me that today as I type my blog, Facebook have more than 500 million active users. That took social networking into a whole new level. 

Here's my thought about the movie. The plot started when Mark was dumped by her girlfriend and that made a way for him to do crazy stuff, in his mind he thought to compare a two Harvard student and see who's hotter and came. The story was presented telling the past and the future. Past, meaning how the idea was created. Future, when the founders filed intellectual property cases to each other. This make me realize how important a team is. Mark didn't do Facebook alone, he needs a team. He may took the credit for having the ability to made the idea into a reality but he can't maintain and manage it on his own. I remembered how our professors told us to have Bibliography and good reference with APA format on our reports and documentations! Haha

Let me get to the point. This may summarize what the movie is all about.  Ideas by themselves are worthless. It's what you do with them that matters. -Francis Kong

I want to buy a hoodie. Harvard, Stanford or Yale will do. Inform me if you know where to buy. 


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