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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Rewind - 11/28/10

-woke up feeling great! It was a good morning, the morning after our successful Thesis Defense :D

- Rahab was the character featured in our current series - Empowered by God. God can use anybody, just make yourself available and you'll never know what God can do with your life. One person can really make a difference.

- had a short phone talk with Cha, she's really passionate on leading a School Outreach Ministry. If you're in Letran Calamba you should join them! Way to go!

- lunch at home. PORKCHOP!

- watched Harry Potter 7 with my bro. Dobby died. Saw the weird dance of Harry. The story of Deathly Hallows is really creepy. Wonderin' how did Dumbledore got the most powerful wand in the world?

- LIFEJAM and SYJM at 6PM. Almost 100+ young people came for the 1st SYJM gathering. A lot of shouting, jumping, praising and eating happened last night and it was awesome! Yeah!

- short meeting with the KKB Core Team. 3rd monthsary! 

- will visit Balibago National High School this week to invite them at LIFEJAM.

- concert with Peniel band tomorrow night! Go Ps. Norman!

Believe and watch Him work in us. 


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