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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Rewind - 11/7/10

Inspired from Dennis Sy

- woke up feeling great. Had a good sleep

- Empowered by God. New series for November. Perfect for what I'm experiencing right now. God really spoke to me that time.

- LIFEJAM was awesome. Talents were shown. The people had a great afternoon. God was glorified.

- Christian did a great job playing the flute. Mark and Joy sang a tagalog worship song, Christian Faraon was part of the band. Paule sisters did a number for Nothing is Impossible. Anthony and company performed a combined modern and interpretative dance.

- Ate Fil Manuel preached about the life of David. Undignified worship.

- The worship team did a great job! I love those mash-up praise songs. Because of You-I am Free-Sing Sing Sing. Crazy dancing! Way to go Kuya Chris!

- Pastor Norman visited and informed us that their concert's venue was moved to SM Event Center. Whoa!

- Had a great time with the KKB core team. next week we will study the life of Paul

Empowered and refreshed. I love Sunday.


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