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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Coffee Bean

I would like to thank Steve Murell and David Bonifacio for introducing me to my so-called workstation to get done with our thesis, Coffee Bean. Our thesis group always find it difficult to search for a place where we can be productive to finish our tasks. We tried Seattle's Best, Starbucks and Gloria Jeans but none of them was successful in giving us a good workplace. It was during the Barangay Elections last October 25 we got the chance to spend and try this place. 

Coffee Bean. I love their Ice-Blended fraps. Got my Swirl Card and this gave us free and unlimited wi-fi that we can use for the whole day. I forgot to say that we're working here in Ayala and this place gave us 'momentum' as Ryvin call it, to be productive. 

Few days remaining till our submission and excited to have our demo again on Saturday with our adviser. Now back to work!

Can't wait to apply for graduation.


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