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Monday, February 28, 2011

Busy February Weekend

Feb 25 - Friday

Spent most of my time at church since we were in charge of the stage design and creative stuffs for the Thanksgiving anniversary. Had a great time with churchmates decorating and making the church as presentable as it should be. The altar,stage curtains, LCD projector, tarpaulin and wallpapers were done by all of us. Thumbs up guys! We all did a great job. Thankfully, there's Burger Machine to fill out our tummies. Sarap!

Feb 26 - Saturday

Finally, Mama bought Bert a new phone, the Samsung Galaxy Ace. I told him to buy it coz of its awesome features in an affordable price. Later that day, I went to Araneta Coliseum with Dong to watch Super Show 3. By 5PM, the dome was filled with fan girls. 3 hours of pure awesomeness. These guys are talented. Personally, I liked the solo performance of Yesung, Henry and Eunhyuk. I can barely here their voices because of the deafening screams of all the fan girls. It was really loud!!! Great experience. Got home by 1AM.

Feb 27 - Sunday

Woke up early for our church's 18th anniversary. It was special for everyone since the theme was all about acceptable offerings to God. What could be more acceptable than giving our very life and the best of us to Him. We did some prophetic gestures like walking and giving our offering to the altar that we made last week.  Everyone did a great job. I salute all the people who did their best behind the scenes. There's free lunch for everybody. It was a celebration of God's faithfulness. More fruitful years to come. 

Later that afternoon, me and some  TLW trainers went to Day by Day Christian Ministries to help them out with the TLW training. It's always great to share what I know to these young people and really teach them about what real love really is. Had a great time with my small group: Charlene, Vangie, Shin, Alvin, Joshua, Jao. Rashiel and James. We're rollin'!!!!

One of my busiest weekend so far. 
Feels great to be serve and help others. You better try it.


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