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Monday, March 7, 2011



Ito siguro yung isa sa mga bagay na alam kong mahina ako. Ayokong pinaghihintay ako, lalo na yung sa pila at sa mga laging na-lalate na tao. Kahapon, alam kong kailangan kong baguhin ang perspective ko sa patience kaya nakinig ako sa podcast ni Pastor Joey Bonifacio. Isa siya sa taong talagang hinahangaan ko at tuwing nakikinig ako sa kanya imposible na wala akong matutunan. Bilib ako sa wisdom nat humility niya. Dahil siya mismo ang umamin na mahina din ang pasensya niya. 

If I want to understand patience, I MUST understand time. He quoted a verse from Ecclesiastes that 'There's a time for everything.". This verse is simple yet profound. No need to rush things because everything will happen at a certain time. No pressure. 

If I want to understand patience, I MUST understand that there are seasons in life. There will be times when all you do is fruitful and that's SPRING. But, there will be times when even you do everything you can to see a fruit it will not happen, that's WINTER. There's a time to rest and a time to work again.

If I want to understand patience, I MUST understand love. Love is patient. He goes with a saying that God is patient with us. People, including myself wants to rush things and if it didn't happen in our time frame we tend to blame others and get frustrated. God sees the big picture.

One concrete example of patience is how the farmer is looking forward to his harvest. The seed is there and what's between the seed and harvest is time....PATIENCE. He know that as time passes by, time will come and he'll see that the harvest is worth waiting.

Whether you're waiting for a call for your dream job....
or waiting for your future partner....
or waiting in a line for those documents...
or waiting to get out of traffic

We all need to be patient. And in that time of waiting, believe, hope and be excited for the future knowing that the best is yet to come. Be a better you. 


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