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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hostage and Miss Universe.

We make mistakes, many mistakes.

It is a constant in our lives to make decisions that will eventually lead to regrets. The last few days were indescribable. I am talking about the hostage taking and the Miss Universe 2010. Two events that made our country in the worldwide buzz again.


Last Monday, I was talking to my friend Guian about the importance of small groups and building lifetime relationships. Suddenly, tweets and statuses on Facebook and Twitter was flooded about the hostage taking in Quirino Grandstand. I didn't take it seriously, thinking that it was a just a usual hostage taking incident and police can handle it in no time. I was wrong, they are taking years to finish the negotiation with the hostage taker Captain Mendoza, an outstanding policeman fired because of involvement in some illegal cases. We turned on the TV to watch . Again, I was surprised of what I was watching. It is LIVE! I heard gunshots! SWAT and PNP were on standby with the heavy rain waiting for the go signal of their next action. I think it was past 9PM when the incident came to closure. Mendoza was dead. PNP cleared the bus. Medics rescued the hostages. Bodies were brought to the hospitals. Media came. And a lot of usiseros.

Thank God for spared lives!

Mistakes: Too much media coverage, zero crowd control and incompetence of PNP and SWAT

Miss Universe 2010

After the incident, one thing brought hope to the faces of every Filipino as our bet Venus Raj joined the coronation of Miss Universe 2010 in Las Vegas. All were praying and hoping that Venus can make it to the Top 15 and then get the crown. I've watch the live broadcast in Star World since ABS-CBN had a delayed telecast with a tons of commercials in between. Venus made it to the Top 15, the hosts called her name last and the excitement was all over the place. Filipinos were very loud on the venue. Then the she was called 4th for the Top 10. And our country was called last again, Venus was included in the Top 5! Little did I know, it was first for the past 11 years that our bet in the Miss U entered the Top 15, and now on the Top 5. That's an assurance of a runner up place and a crown. I got disappointed on how she answered the question. Anyway, I'm still proud of her in a major, major way! Since she made our country proud despite the event occurred the night before the pageant. She ended up as a 4th runner up and Mexico got the title and crown.

Mistake: Her answer to the final question.

We make mistakes because of the pressure put on us by people and situations in our lives. With these, we are prone to make poor choices and regrets. At the same time, we can learn from them and be a better version of ourselves and make wise choices in the future.

Proud to be Pinoy pa din!


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