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Friday, August 20, 2010

Movie Review: SALT

I was never an Angelina Jolie fan, but this time I think I'm gonna join the club. It's pretty late to write a review but bare with me, just want to share some insights.

- Salt is a satisfying movie in terms of the level of action and the suspense in the storyline.
- CIA officers rebelling against the government.
- Russians are mean. Peace.
- The President of USA is always the final target.
- Importance of having an identity

That was some weird insights. Too bad I was not able to watch in big screen.

Anyway, all in all I liked it. Thumbs up to Noyce and Jolie. I wanna join CIA and enjoy all its benefits specially on trips. 

Salt was meant for Tom Cruise but he declined it (because of similarities in his character in Mission Impossible, Ethan Hunt). Then the script was rewritten for Angelina Jolie. 


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