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Monday, September 6, 2010



The latest service for young people and young professionals. Yesterday was the launching and I am grateful for the response of everyone. After all the planning and praying for this one, I congratulate KKB and YAM leaders and volunteers who gave their time and effort to make this possible. All the glory for His Name.

Our pastor preached the importance of knowing God and having a deep and intimate relationship with Him. With all these distractions in life and how the society is molding us to be in their culture. It's important to pursue and search for things that really matters and that is meeting and loving our Creator. A clip from How Great Is Our God Tour by Louie Giglio was shown to fully give us the idea that this massive, powerful, great, amazing and awesome God chose to love us and gave His life for us despite of all our sins. Astig talaga!

Then praise God for the Music Team. I know there were some hassle in preparing songs but it was worth it. We enjoyed singing with a new atmosphere in church and truly this is not your ordinary Sunday Service.

I am grateful for the team. God bless us. Continue to be grounded and humbled with the Word. God's grace will make this church grow. We do all these for His renown that every heart will know and see the love of God for us.

God is just starting something new for all of us and we invite you every Sunday at Jesus Is Lord - City of Sta. Rosa, 4PM. Bring your friends and have a great time with the Lord!

Greater things are yet to come.
Slow is fast. Less is More.
All for His fame and glory!


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