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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Noynoy Aquino

Kayo and boss ko.

That was the promise of Noynoy when he was proclaimed as the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines. And now, after several months as the CEO of this nation, he's facing big issues that the past administrations left and now exposed in his time.

I want to share my sympathy to Noynoy. I was one that bashed him during the elections and I do have regrets on my words and actions to him. Indeed, he was favored by many Filipinos because of the legacy of the Aquino family.We all know that our President took the blame to himself for the recent hostage crisis. That's a leader and a servant. Even though the officials involved were all playing the blaming game, he admitted that our police and crisis management team had failed. There were several casualties and our country was disgraced by one action of a man who's also a victim of the decaying judicial and political system of our country.

I agree with what PNoy said earlier during the interview with the three biggest networks. He said that "The crisis doesn't define the present administration". They will be defined by their accomplishments today and for the years to come. Two thumbs up for the transparency he's giving to the public. Better than GMA.

As a believer, the Bible tells us to respect the authority. Pray for them and love them. Even if some of their actions do not go our way. Remember God is sovereign and He knows the destiny of this nation. He will do what needs to be done in His perfect time.

So instead of saying things against the administration, we should speak life and encouragement to build them up. Pray that our leaders will have wisdom to change for the better. Are you the problem? Or are you a part of the solution? Think again.


Ryan Hernandez said...

A concept of check and balance should be in place, yeah he admitted it was his fault after 3 weeks? Popular politics has dragged this country down for generations, we had an Aquino in power back in 86, we have them again now, that's not fate, that is called dynasty just like the Marcos regime and that of the Macapagal,... all of them staying in power for generations. Yeah the hostage crisis alone does not define the present administration, but what bothers me is the 3 Executive Orders issued by this regime all slammed in the supreme court, a communications group lacking in communication, and his drinking buddies like Lacierda who was caught drinking inside the palace after PNOY was sworn into office, and Ochoa who was drunk during the hostage crisis. With all these facts stated the next six years may look as dim as gloomy sunday's lyrics. I respect your vantage point, but it's my personal discretion to be skeptic towards this regime, that way i would love to be proven wrong. I also don't think that this opinion makes me less as a person nor as a follower of God

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