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Sunday, January 9, 2011


Amazing grace.

There's nothing like it. My first post this 2011 and to start the year right, it all points out to one word...GRACE.

I'm not a perfect. I commit mistakes. I took for granted the things given to me. I'm stubborn in some way. Disobedient. I compromise my belief. Imperfect person in need of a perfect Savior.

Despite all the things I just said. Jesus chose to love me still. He blesses me. He answers my prayer beyond I could ever ask or imagine. Undeserved. He wants me to live this life to the full. With purpose, meaning and direction. He has a plan for me. In my heart of hearts I pray that this year would be a year of obedience. Seeing the world through His eyes and let Him be my coach in this game I call  LIFE.

What will I do now knowing these truths? Should I continue sinning and abuse His kindness? Definitely NO.

Everyday. Every second. Every decision I will make. I want Him to be involved. I can't trust myself. I will fall down but I will stand up. I will live this life WITH Him. Through Him, I know I can do all things.

Happy New Year to all!
Be blessed my friends.


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