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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Simple Realizations

We must put value to these people:

1. Friends - Have some good time with them. Laugh with them, cry with them. Be there in good times and in bad. Sometimes, you can share things to them you can't tell to your family. Value your friends.

2. Family - They always got your back. Even if you did a lot stupid stuff. They will be always there for you no matter what happens. Eat with them. Go out and have fun with them. Value your family.

3. God - The One who started everything. He gave you life. He gave you people that will mold your character. He is the reason why you are here. Talk to Him. Spend time with Him. He understands when no one can. He sees your heart. His love is unconditional. He is our Father.

There's no need to complicate life. Value these and you will live your life to the full.




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