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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Rewind - 1/9/11

- Woke up excited for church. syempre!

- Me and my fam attended the second service. Ate Cristy preached about the importance of reading the Bible. The Bible will be our manual and motivator in this life.

- Went to SM to buy some stuff. I looked for the Goal DVD. I found one on Video City. Excited to watch.

- Ate Andok's liempo and chicken. Sarap talaga. Daming ng sauce.

- Madam Alma called and told me to buy some cupcakes and candles for Dong's bday celebration on LIFEJAM. Went to Robinson's for the cupcakes and Goldilocks for the candles. Sakto lang pera ko. Buti na lang.

- Got to church around 2:30PM. LIFEJAM volunteers were wearing the SUMMIT 2010 shirt while I was the only one in white polo. Hahaha

- Q & A portion with the SUMMIT delegates. Thank you Ederick, Shammah, Yeyen, Reynelyn and Kuya Ryan for participating. 

- Kudos to Jane for bringing her friends. Excited to work with you on SCOM. Yeah!

- Prepared something simple yet special for Dong as he turn 21 yesterday. Prayed also for other January birthday celebrants.

- Thank you Dong for the Palabok. Sarap.

- 2 hour meeting with core team for the upcoming events. True Love Waits on February and Inter Highschool dance competition on May. Wooohooo! The best is yet to come.

- got home around 10 and went to bed right away. tired.

I love Sundays. Period.


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